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Smile Club

Smile Club is a non-profit organization created by Overseas Employment Centre Ltd. (OECL) that aims to facilitate positive work experience for Indonesian helpers. Membership is free and all Indonesian helpers affiliated with OECL are automatically eligible to join.

Members can enjoy many free services and participate in fun activities, becoming part of a healthy and supportive social network that will contribute to successful job performance and satisfaction.

Employers are invited to encourage your helper to participate in Smile Club activities and use its free services.

To learn more about Smile Club , visit: www.smileclub.hk





Overseas Employment Centre Ltd. (OECL)  is one of the oldest, largest and most trusted employment agencies in Asia. Founded in 1976, it has built its reputation on providing the highest standards of services in the industry.  With over 36 years of experience and 150,000 successful placements of domestic helpers with Hong Kong families, it has accumulative knowledge and expertise to help you find the right domestic helper who can meet your family's needs.

Our affiliated companies in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia follow strict government regulations and do not participate in exploitation or coercion.  We provide comprehensive training courses on domestic housework to all our domestic helpers.


Serving Hong Kong families for 3 decades

Our services include helping employers and workers with the following:

·         Hire overseas domestic helper from Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines.

·         Hire local foreign domestic helper with ending contract in Hong Kong.

·         Direct hiring – processing of necessary documents for a foreign domestic helper not associated with our company.

·         Contract renewal – processing of necessary documents for employment contract renewal and extension.




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