Maid Services

Visa And Passport Renewal

Our company is authorized by the Indonesian Consulate General, Hong Kong to renew passports for Indonesian domestic helpers.

Work Visa / Passport Renewal

  • Domestic helpers must have a valid passport to work in Hong Kong. If the domestic helper’s passport is about to expire, he/she must apply for a new passport 45 days before its expiration, as well as must submit an application for a work visa.
  • We provide passport and work visa renewal services for HK$1,000, which includes the Hong Kong immigration entry visa fee.

Work Visa Extension for One Month

  • If you wish to extend the employment of the domestic helper for one month following the ending date of his/her 2-year contract, we could provide you this service for HK$1,000, which includes the extension of contract fee and the Hong Kong immigration entry visa fee.

Our company holds valid operating licenses issued by the Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh & Indonesian Consulates.