In spite of the hectic lifestyle in Hong Kong, not everyone is eligible to hire a foreign domestic helper.

The government of Hong Kong has specified that an individual hiring a domestic helper needs to be a bona fide resident in the HKSAR. Besides, he or she needs to be earning a minimum of HK$15,000 of monthly household income or have sufficient assets to sustain the cost of hiring a helper for two years.

Besides this legal hiring requirement, you’ll also need to factor in various expenses that will be incurred when hiring a domestic helper.

Minimum Allowable Wage

The Minimum Allowable Wage is fixed at a minimum of HK$4,630 per month. However, bear in mind that you could be paying your helper more than that, as according to her skills and experience.

Food Allowance

You’re also legally required to provide free meals to your helper or substitute that in the form of meal allowance, which is at a minimum of HK$1,121 per month.

Medical Expenses

The law also states that you will be obliged to bear the medical expenses of your helper if she is ill or suffer an injury during employment. This means that it is mandatory to purchase a compensation policy for your helper.

Flight Tickets

Besides paying for her flights into Hong Kong, you’ll also need to purchase a return ticket when your helper has finished her contract. Also, you’ll need to pay her traveling allowance of $100 for each day she spent on the journey.

Entry Visa

Whether you’re hiring through an agency or directly, you’ll need to pay for her visa application before your helper is permitted to enter Hong Kong.

Other Fees

There may also be additional fees like a medical checkup, training classes, and consulate fees that will be incurred when you hire a foreign domestic helper.

If you’re unsure of the financial commitment in hiring a helper and whether you’re legally allowed to, contact our friendly customer support right now.

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